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Snack Recipes

Fried salo Fried Salo

Fried salo according to this recipe can be cooked easily and quickly, it is a very tasty snack that goes well with potatoes and is suitable for strong alcoholic drinks.

Beef liver pate recipe Beef Liver Pate

Beef liver pate is an easy-to-cook Ukrainian dish that anyone can cook at home.

Salted salo recipe Salted Salo

Salted salo is a very simple recipe in Ukrainian cuisine, however, along with Ukrainian borscht, salted salo is the hallmark of Ukrainian cooking.

Georgian bean pate recipe Georgian Bean Pate

Bean pate is one of the recipes of Georgian cuisine, the recipe for bean pate is very simple and easy to cook, and the pate itself is a very tasty Georgian snack.

Vorschmack recipe Vorschmack

Vorschmack or forshmak is a traditional dish of Jewish cuisine; there are many recipes for this dish, which differ in the ingredients included in the vorschmack recipe.

Eggplant caviar recipe Eggplant Caviar

Eggplant caviar is one of the traditional dishes of Georgian cuisine; cooking eggplant caviar is very simple; the recipe for eggplant caviar includes a minimum of ingredients.

Hot smoked salo Hot Smoked Salo

Hot smoked salo is a traditional recipe of Ukrainian cuisine, in Ukraine they cook a lot of different dishes from salo and smoked salo is one of such snacks.

Vol-au-vents with mushrooms recipe Vol-au-Vents with Mushrooms

According to a French cuisine recipe, vol-au-vents with mushrooms are small cups made of puff pastry filled with mushroom filling.

Ham in milk jelly recipe Ham in Milk Jelly

Ham in milk jelly is one of the many recipes in French cuisine; this dish has a good taste and at the same time looks very appetizing.