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Pilaf Recipes

Armenian fish pilaf recipe Armenian Fish Pilaf

Armenian fish pilaf is one of the many pilaf recipes that Armenian cuisine is so rich in; the pilaf recipe may include salmon or other fish.

Armenian pilaf with lamb and dried fruits recipe Armenian Pilaf with Lamb and Dried Fruits

Armenian pilaf with lamb and dried fruits is a traditional recipe of Armenian cuisine; the pilaf recipe combines the taste of young lamb and sweet dried fruits.

Sweet armenian pilaf with raisins and dried fruits recipe Sweet Armenian Pilaf with Raisins and Dried Fruits

Sweet Armenian pilaf with raisins and dried fruits is a traditional recipe of Armenian cuisine; according to this recipe, sweet pilaf is cooked in Armenia for Easter and other holidays.

Azerbaijani pilaf with raisins recipe Azerbaijani Pilaf with Raisins

Azerbaijani pilaf with raisins is one of the recipes for sweet pilaf, this pilaf is cooked according to the recipe of Azerbaijani cuisine, meat is not included in the pilaf recipe.

Pumpkin and fruits pilaf recipe Pumpkin and Fruits Pilaf

Pilaf with pumpkin and fruit is one of the traditional pilaf recipes of Uzbek cuisine, in this case, Uzbek pilaf is vegetarian - there is no meat in it.

Pilaf with lamb and pomegranate recipe Pilaf with Lamb and Pomegranate

Pilaf with lamb and pomegranate is one of the traditional recipes of Azerbaijani cuisine; in Azerbaijan they cook a wide variety of pilaf, including with lamb.

Uzbek pilaf recipe Uzbek Pilaf

Uzbek pilaf is a traditional dish of Uzbek cuisine; Uzbek pilaf is widely known not only in Uzbekistan; it is cooked in many other countries of the world.

Gurian pilaf recipe Gurian Pilaf

Gurian pilaf is a traditional recipe of Georgian cuisine; unlike most pilaf recipes, the Gurian pilaf recipe does not include meat.

What is Pilaf?

Pilaf is, first of all, well-cooked rice. The word pilaf literally means cooked rice, and it is the rice that makes this dish unique. Pilaf is a traditional dish of oriental cuisine; pilaf is cooked in many Eastern countries. Pilaf recipes are as varied as the countries and peoples that cook this traditional dish. In all pilaf recipes, with all their differences, rice was and remains a constant ingredient; the remaining ingredients of pilaf can vary within very wide limits. Pilaf can include various types of meat, fish, poultry, and it can also be vegetarian - it all depends on the specific pilaf recipe.

How to Cook Delicious Pilaf?

The main thing in cooking any pilaf recipe is cooking the rice. In a good pilaf, the rice must be crumbly - this is an invariable criterion for assessing the cook of pilaf, regardless of its recipe and the national cuisine to which the pilaf belongs. Crumbly rice is obtained by following the pilaf cook technology, as well as by the presence of various types of fats in the pilaf recipe, which prevent the rice from sticking together. There are several basic technologies for cooking pilaf. In Central Asia, when preparing pilaf, rice is boiled in a small amount of water, which is completely absorbed by the rice during cooking, and then cooked over low heat. In the countries of the Caucasus, a slightly different technology for preparing pilaf has been adopted - rice is boiled in a large amount of water until half cooked, thrown into a colander or sieve to drain the water, and then brought to readiness over low heat. The second option for preparing pilaf is called folding pilaf. In addition, in many Caucasian countries, pilaf is prepared on a base of lavash or other thin flatbread to avoid the rice from burning. The best varieties of rice for pilaf are those that contain less starch; such rice turns out crumblier. Traditionally, pilaf is prepared in cauldrons, but a Dutch oven or other utensils made of cast iron or aluminum are quite suitable for its preparation.

What Types of Pilaf are there?

Depending on what type of meat was used in preparing pilaf, pilaf can be:

  • Chicken pilaf
  • Lamb pilaf
  • Beef pilaf
  • Fish pilaf
  • Pork pilaf

Since pilaf is a traditional dish of oriental cuisine, and most eastern countries profess Islam, pilaf with pork is cooked only in those countries where the religious beliefs of the people inhabiting them allow it.

In addition, in addition to meat, the pilaf recipe may include various vegetables, fruits and other ingredients, or the pilaf may be completely vegetarian. Recipes for sweet pilaf are also widespread, which may or may not include meat. Examples include:

  • Pilaf with raisins
  • Pilaf with chickpeas
  • Pilaf with bulgur
  • Pilaf with apples
  • Pilaf with dried apricots
  • Pilaf with prunes
  • Pilaf with pumpkin

Since pilaf is cooked in many countries of the world, depending on the national cuisine to which pilaf belongs, it can be:

  • Armenian pilaf or pilaf in Armenian style
  • Azerbaijani pilaf in Azerbaijani style
  • Georgian pilaf or pilaf in Georgian style
  • Uzbek pilaf or pilaf in Uzbek style
  • Tajik pilaf or pilaf in Tajik style
  • Turkish pilaf or pilaf in Turkish style

You can write and read about various recipes and types of pilaf endlessly, this traditional oriental dish is so varied, but it is better to use one of the recipes presented on our website and cook delicious pilaf yourself.