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Italian Food Recipes and Dishes

Stuffed bell pepper recipe Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are one of the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine; in Italy, they stuff a wide variety of vegetables, including bell peppers.

Cheese cookies recipe Cheese Cookies

Cheese cookies are a traditional recipe in Italian cuisine; various pastries with the addition of cheese and other ingredients are always very popular in Italy.

Spinach with croutons recipe Spinach with Croutons

Spinach with croutons is one of the dishes of Italian cuisine. In Italy, various baked goods, including bread, are widely used when cooking dishes.

Italian giblet stew recipe Italian Giblet Stew

Giblet stew is a traditional recipe in Italian cuisine; in Italy, ragout is prepared not only from meat, but also from offal, which results in a very tasty stew.