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Borscht Recipes

Green borscht recipe Green Borscht

Green borscht is a traditional summer dish of Ukrainian cuisine; this sorrel soup has a simple recipe, but has a unique taste.

Cold borscht recipe Cold Borscht

Cold borscht is a traditional summer dish of Ukrainian cuisine, cold borscht is very suitable for hot weather, in addition, it does not contain meat.

Mushroom borscht with prunes recipe Mushroom Borscht with Prunes

Mushroom borscht with prunes is a traditional recipe in Ukrainian cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine is famous for its borscht recipes, this borscht is vegetarian.

Ukrainian borscht recipe Ukrainian Borsch

The recipe for Ukrainian borscht is not difficult to cook, but it has its own characteristics that give borscht a unique flavor of Ukrainian cuisine.

Ukrainian Borscht

Ukrainian borscht is one of those recipes that have become clearly associated with a certain national cuisine. Thus, Parmesan cheese definitely belongs to Italian cuisine, khachapuri – Georgian, khash – Armenian, and borscht – naturally, Ukrainian cuisine. Only observance of the main features of the cooking of Ukrainian borscht will allow you to get the authentic taste of this Ukrainian dish. Due to its uniqueness, the recipe for Ukrainian borscht was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, that is, it was recognized as a dish that belongs exclusively to Ukrainian national cuisine. This does not call into question the existence of borscht in Belarusian, Polish and many other cuisines of Eastern Europe, but the authorship of this recipe belongs to Ukrainian cuisine.

Variety of Borscht Recipes

There are a wide variety of borscht recipes in the world. In Ukraine alone, there are hundreds of borscht recipes, and these are not just variations of the same recipe, but actually different recipes in terms of ingredients and preparation. The ingredients included in a borscht recipe may differ significantly from one recipe to another, but one thing remains unchanged - the main ingredient of a borscht recipe remains beets. The only exception is green borscht - a soup that is prepared on the basis of sorrel; beets are not included in its recipe. In all other borscht recipes, beets are necessarily present. Another constant feature of borscht recipes is the preparation of frying, which is then added to the borscht during its preparation. Otherwise, borscht recipes can differ so much that they become different from each other, but nevertheless, any borscht remains a well-recognized dish.