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Cutlet Recipes

Beef zrazy recipe Beef Zrazy

Beef zrazy - these cutlets can be cooked according to a traditional recipe of Ukrainian cuisine; this is a very tasty meat dish made from beef.

Veal zrazy recipe Veal Zrazy

Veal zrazy is a traditional dish of Ukrainian cuisine; this meat dish consists of veal meat rolls stuffed with minced veal.

Cutlets with milk sauce recipe Cutlets with Milk Sauce

Cutlets with milk sauce are cooked according to a rather interesting recipe; such cutlets are not fried in a frying pan, but baked in the oven.

Chopped schnitzel recipe Chopped Schnitzel

The recipe for chopped schnitzel is very simple; to cook it you will need good meat, breadcrumbs, butter and spices - salt and pepper.