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American Food Recipes and Dishes

Pumpkin puree soup with croutons recipe Pumpkin Soup with Croutons

Pumpkin puree soup with croutons is one of the many recipes for pureed soups that belong to American cuisine; pumpkin dishes are very common in the USA.

Stewed lamb with beans recipe Stewed Lamb with Beans

Stewed lamb with beans is one of the traditional dishes of American cuisine; this dish combines the taste of young lamb and boiled beans very well.

Green pea puree soup recipe Green Pea Puree Soup

Green pea puree soup is a traditional recipe in American cuisine; many green pea dishes are cooked in the United States.

Fruit and cream salad recipe Fruit and Cream Salad

Fruit and cream salad according to an American cuisine recipe is a combination of sweet fruits and heavy cream that organically complement each other.