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Fried salo Fried Salo

Fried salo according to this recipe can be cooked easily and quickly, it is a very tasty snack that goes well with potatoes and is suitable for strong alcoholic drinks.

Strawberry jam recipe Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam - a simple recipe for preserving strawberries for the winter, the recipe for strawberry jam is very simple, it only contains strawberries, sugar and water.

Lemon cake recipe Lemon Cupcake

Lemon cake is a simple and very tasty baking recipe; lemon cake is easy to cook and does not require much time or ingredients to cook.

Radish salad with sour cream recipe Radish Salad with Sour Cream

Radish salad with sour cream is a light and simple salad that can be easily cooked with a minimum of ingredients; the salad recipe includes only radishes, eggs and sour cream.

Mustard caper sauce recipe Mustard Caper Sauce

Mustard caper sauce is cooked very simply; serve mustard and caper sauce with cold fish - pike, sturgeon, salmon or other type of fish.

Fresh mushrooms soup recipe Fresh Mushrooms Soup

Fresh mushrooms soup is a very tasty summer dish; the recipe for soup with fresh mushrooms includes vegetables and fresh herbs, making the taste of this soup unique.

Blackcurrant jam recipe Blackcurrant Jam

Blackcurrant jam - a recipe for preserving blackcurrants for the winter; the recipe for blackcurrant jam includes only blackcurrants, water and sugar.

Sponge cake with jam recipe Sponge Cake with Jam

Sponge cake with jam - a recipe for a very tasty cake filled with natural jam; you can use any seedless jam for the cake.

Bean salad recipe Bean Salad

Bean salad - one of many salad recipes, the bean salad recipe includes celery, carrots, lettuce, as well as vegetable oil and spices.

Chocolate sauce recipe Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate sauce can be cooked prepared according to the following recipe; the chocolate sauce recipe does not include chocolate, but it does include cocoa, milk and other ingredients.

Brussels sprouts soup recipe Brussels Sprouts Soup

Brussels sprouts soup is one of the vegetable soup recipes, the Brussels sprouts soup recipe is simple enough that anyone can make it.

Salted tomatoes in a barrel recipe Salted Tomatoes in a Barrel

Salted tomatoes in a barrel - a recipe for preserving tomatoes for the winter, a recipe for salted tomatoes in a barrel is easy to cook, and salted tomatoes turn out very tasty.

Almond cake recipe Almond Cake

Almond cake - an easy recipe for homemade baking, the almond cake recipe is quite simple and includes few ingredients.

Red cabbage salad recipe Red Cabbage Salad

Red cabbage salad is cooked according to a very simple recipe, but in order for such a salad to turn out tender, there are some features of its cooking.

Rusk sauce recipe Rusk Sauce

Rusk sauce is a somewhat specific sauce that is served with asparagus and cauliflower; the recipe for rusk sauce includes crackers and butter.

Cauliflower soup recipe Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower soup – another vegetable soup, cauliflower soup recipe uses few ingredients and is easy to make at home.

Apple jam recipe Apple Jam

Apple jam - a recipe for preserving apples for the winter, a recipe for apple jam is easy to cook and contains a minimum of ingredients - apples, sugar and water.

Herring potato salad recipe Herring Potato Salad

Herring potato salad - a slightly unusual salad recipe, the herring potato salad recipe includes apples, salted cucumbers and many other ingredients.

Cottage cheese pancakes recipe Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage cheese pancakes are a traditional recipe in Ukrainian cuisine; such pancakes are very easy to cook at home from available ingredients.

Red wine sauce recipe Red Wine Sauce

Red wine sauce is cooked according to the following fairly simple recipe - it includes red wine, sugar, water and potato starch.

Pea soup with smoked pork belly recipe Pea Soup with Smoked Pork Belly

Pea soup with smoked pork belly is a traditional recipe in Swedish cuisine; the recipe for pea soup with smoked brisket is very simple and accessible to everyone.

Raspberry jam recipe Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam - a recipe for preserving raspberries for the winter, the recipe for raspberry jam is very simple - it only contains raspberries and sugar, cooking raspberry jam is very simple.

Shortbread cake recipe Shortbread Cake

Shortbread cake is cooked according to a simple recipe; even those who do not have special culinary skills can cook such a cake.

Mixed meat hodgepodge recipe Mixed Meat Hodgepodge

Mixed meat hodgepodge is a recipe for British cuisine, a soup containing many different meat ingredients - pork, beef, ham, meat, kidneys, veal, tongue, sausage and much more.

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