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Fried Salo

Fried salo
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Cooking time: 20 min

Recipe yield: 4 servings

Fried Salo Recipe

Fried salo is one of the traditional recipes that Ukrainian cuisine is so rich in. Fried salo is a very tasty snack that goes well with strong alcoholic drinks. Fried salo also goes well with vegetables, for example, with potatoes - fried salo with potatoes is no less famous in Ukraine than the fried salo recipe. Many people believe that salo is harmful to the body - it contains a lot of cholesterol, salo makes you gain weight, fried salo is harmful to health and in general it is a heavy food and is poorly absorbed by the body. These are all myths, the benefits of salo are obvious - salo in small quantities does not increase, but on the contrary - reduces cholesterol, is perfectly absorbed by the body and does not cause obesity. Fried salo according to this recipe can be easily and quickly prepared, the only thing is that this snack is best consumed hot, immediately after frying, while the salo and the fat melted from it have not solidified. When hot, salo is absorbed by the body even better than when chilled. Along with many other Ukrainian recipes that include pork salo, fried salo is one of the hallmarks of Ukrainian cuisine. Only fresh salo is used for frying. In order to prepare delicious fried salo, for this recipe it is better to use not pure salo, but pork belly with layers of meat - this way this dish will turn out much tastier!

Fried Salo Ingredients

Pork belly
Ground black pepper

Fried Salo Cooking Recipe

Fried salo can be cooked according to the following recipe of Ukrainian cuisine. Raw pork salo or pork belly should be cut into small bars, salted and peppered, peeled and cut into large half rings.

Next, you need to put the prepared salo on a preheated frying pan and fry it on all sides until the salo turns golden.

Now you need to add chopped onions to the fried salo and continue frying until the onion becomes transparent and turns golden. After this, the fried salo should be served immediately on the table, while this appetizer has not cooled down.