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Jewish Cuisine Recipes and Dishes

Potato fritters latkes recipe Potato Fritters Latkes

Latkes - potato fritters based on a recipe from Jewish cuisine, a traditional Jewish dish for Hanukkah, also called levivot.

Fruit and vegetable vinaigrette recipe Fruit and Vegetable Vinaigrette

A vinaigrette of fruits and vegetables can be cooked according to a recipe from Jewish cuisine, and although the vinaigrette recipe includes many ingredients, it is very simple to cook.

Vorschmack recipe Vorschmack

Vorschmack or forshmak is a traditional dish of Jewish cuisine; there are many recipes for this dish, which differ in the ingredients included in the vorschmack recipe.

Vegetable vinaigrette recipe Vegetable Vinaigrette

Вінегрет з овочів – дуже смачний салат, і хоча в рецепт вінегрету з овочів входить велика кількість інгредієнтів, вони дуже органічно об'єднуються в цій страві.