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Salted Tomatoes in a Barrel

Salted tomatoes in a barrel recipe
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Cooking time: 45 min

Recipe yield: 60 servings

Salted Tomatoes in a Barrel Recipe

Salted tomatoes in a barrel - a recipe for preserving tomatoes for the winter, along with a recipe for pickled tomatoes. The recipe for salted tomatoes in a barrel is easy to cook, and the salted tomatoes turn out very tasty. Ripe red tomatoes can be salted without adding any other ingredients except salt, and if green tomatoes are salted, it is better to add various herbs to them - dill, savory, tarragon, as well as blackcurrant and cherry leaves. Salted tomatoes are an excellent snack for vodka and other strong alcoholic drinks, and complement the taste of dishes such as fried and boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, pork and beef cutlets and other meat dishes.

Salted Tomatoes in a Barrel Recipe Ingredients

Cherry leaves
Black currant leaves

Salted Tomatoes in a Barrel Cooking Recipe

Salted tomatoes in a barrel can be cooked according to this recipe. You can salt both ripe and green tomatoes, but they must be of the same ripeness. Before salting tomatoes, the barrel must be washed and evaporated.

Wash the tomatoes and place them in rows in a barrel. If green tomatoes are salted, they must be topped with dill, tarragon, savory, cherry and blackcurrant leaves.

From time to time, when laying, it is necessary to shake the barrel so that the tomatoes lie more tightly. The barrel should be filled to the top with tomatoes. After the tomatoes completely fill the barrel, they must be filled with brine.

To prepare the brine, the salt must be dissolved in chilled boiled water. Cover the barrel with a wooden circle, place a light weight on top and store in a cool place. Salted tomatoes in a barrel prepared in this way can be ready in 40-50 days.